Chapters in edited books

  1. Todd, Zoe. (2018). ‘Refracting colonialism in Canada: fish tales, text, and insistent public grief.’ Mark Jackson, editor. Coloniality, Ontology, and the Question of the Posthuman. Routledge Press. (invited piece)
  2. Todd, Z. (2016). ‘‘This is the Life’: Women’s Role in Food Provisioning in Paulatuuq, Northwest Territories’’. Kermoal, N and I. Altamirano-Jimenez (eds). In Living on the Land: Indigenous Women’s Understanding of Place. Athabasca: Athabasca University Press. doi:10.15215/aupress/9781771990417.01
  3. Todd, Z. (2015). “Decolonial dreams: unsettling the academy through namewak”. Pp. 104-117 in The New (new) corpse, Caroline Picard, editor. Green Lantern Press: Chicago.
  4. Todd, Z. (2015). Indigenizing the Anthropocene. Pp. 241-254 in Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environment and Epistemology. Heather Davis and Etienne Turpin, editors. Open Humanities Press.

Journal Articles 

  1. Adese, Jennifer, Todd, Zoe and Shaun A. Stevenson. (2017). Mediating Métis Identity: An Interview with Jennifer Adese and Zoe Todd. Media Tropes eJournal VII(1): 1-25.
  2. Davis, Heather and Zoe Todd. (2017). On the importance of a date, or, decolonizing the Anthropocene. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies.
  3. Todd, Zoe. (2017). Fish, Kin, and Hope: tending to water violations in amiskwaciwâskahikan and Treaty Six Territory. Afterall: a Journal of Art, Context and Inquiry 43(1): 102-107. (invited piece)
  4. Todd, Zoe. (2016). From a Fishy Place: examining Canadian State law applied in the Daniels decision from the perspective of Métis legal orders. TOPIA 36(Fall 2016): 43-57. (single blind peer reviewed) (Invited piece)
  5. Todd, Zoe. (2016). ‘How do you teach about the layered colonial realities that mould a Canadian city?’ (commentary). Aboriginal Policy Studies 6(1): 90-97. (Invited piece)
  6. Todd, Z. (2016). ‘An Indigenous Feminist’s Take on the Ontological Turn: ‘Ontology’ is just another word for colonialism’. Journal of Historical Sociology 29(1): 4-22.
  7. Todd, Z. (2014). ‘Fish pluralities: Human-animal relations and sites of engagement in Paulatuuq, Arctic Canada’. Etudes/Inuit/Studies 38(1-2): 217-238.
  8. Drozdowski L, Iordache C, Clandinin MT, Wild G, Todd Z, Thomson AB. (2009) Dexamethasone and GLP-2 given to lactating rat dams influence glucose uptake in suckling and postweanling offspring. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 33(4):433-9.
  9. Drozdowski LA, Iordache C, Clandinin MT, Todd ZS, Gonnet M, Wild G, Uwiera RR, Thomson AB. 2008) Dexamethasone and GLP-2 administered to rat dams during pregnancy and lactation have late effects on intestinal sugar transport in their postweanling offspring. J Nutr Biochem. 2008. 19(1):49-60.
  10. Drozdowski LA, Iordache C, Clandinin MT, Todd Z, Gonnet M, Wild G, Uwiera RR, Thomson AB. (2009) Maternal dexamethasone and GLP-2 have early effects on intestinal sugar transport in their suckling rat offspring. J Nutr Biochem. 20(10):771-82.
  11. Drozdowski LA, Iordache C, Clandinin MT, Wild G, Todd Z, Thomson AB. (2006) A combination of dexamethasone and glucagon-like peptide-2 increase intestinal morphology and glucose uptake in suckling rats. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 42(1):32-9.
  12. Iordache C, Drozdowski L, Clandinin MT, Wild G, Todd Z, Thomson AB. (2005) Treatment of suckling rats with GLP-2 plus dexamethasone increases the ileal uptake of fatty acids in later life. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 288(1):G54-9.
  13. Iordache C, Drozdowski LA, Clandinin MT, Wild G, Todd Z, Thomson AB.(2005) Lipid malabsorption persists after weaning in rats whose dams were given GLP-2 anddexamethasone. Lipids. 40(11):1141-8.
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 Miscellaneous scholarly publications 

  1. Todd, Zoe. (2017). Protecting life below water: tending to relationality and expanding oceanic consciousness beyond coastal zones. American Anthropologist (Public Anthropologies Section). 
  2. Todd, Zoe. (2017). Commentary: The Environmental Anthropology of Settler Colonialism, Part I. Environment and Anthropology Society Engagement Blog. (invited piece)
  3. Lee, Erica and Zoe Todd. (2016). ‘Our Home in the World: Care, Reciprocity, and Indigenous Climate Activism’. Pp. 29-33 in Elements for a World: Wood – Law, Rights, Truth, Testimony. Beirut: Sursock Museum. (Invited piece)
  4. Todd, Z. and Aaron Mills. (2016). ‘Our responsibilities to Indigenous peoples and places in Canadian research and policy’. Policy Options, May 11, 2016.
  5. Fraser, Crystal and Todd, Zoe. (2016). Decolonial Sensibilities: Indigenous Research and Engaging with Archives in Contemporary Colonial Canada’. Pp. 32-39 in Decolonising the Archives series, edited by L’Internationale Online and Rado Ištok. L’Internationale,
  6. Todd, Z. (2016). ‘From fish lives to fish law: learning to see Indigenous legal orders in Canada.’ Somatosphere: Ethnographic Case Series. Emily Yates-Doerr and Christine Labuski, editors.
  7. Todd, Zoe. (2016). “Relationships.” Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology website, January 21, 2016.
  8. Todd, Z. (2016). ‘Conversations with my Father’s paintings: writing my relations back into the academy’.
  9. Moffitt, M., Chetwynd, C. and Z. Todd. (2015). ‘Interrupting the Northern Research Industry: Why Northern Research Should be in Northern Hands’. Northern Public Affairs.

 Review articles

 Books reviews in scholarly journals 

  1. Todd, Z. (2016). Review of Becoming inummarik: men’s lives in an Inuit community. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 22(2): 434-435.
  2. Todd, Z. (2015). “Sanaaq: An Inuit Novel by Mitarjuk Nappaaluk, translated by Bernard Saladin d’Anglure”, The Goose Vol 13, Iss. 2, Article 26 Available at
  3. Todd, Z. (2013). Review of James D. Waldram, D. Ann Herring, and T. Kue Young, Aboriginal Health in Canada: Historical, Cultural and Epidemiological Perspectives. Sibirica 12 (3): 95-98.

Position Papers

Todd, Z. (2007). “Water Scarcity and Degradation and the Alberta Oil Sands: Treating the Symptoms, Addressing the Cause”. Featured as part of the School of Energy and Environment Student Showcase,  Water Scarcity and Degradation – Todd

Magazine articles and op-eds

Todd, Z. (2015). Rethinking Aesthetics and Ontology through Indigenous Law: On the work of Val Napoleon and Loretta Todd. C Magazine 126: 10-17.

Todd, Z. (2014). Creating citizen spaces through Indigenous soundscapes. Spacing Magazine. Published 01 October 2014

Todd, Z. (2014). “Opinion: Métis woman’s “yes” vote on Scottish independence signals end to colonization”. Op-ed on Edmonton Journal website. Published 16 September 2014étis+woman+vote+Scottish+independence+signals+colonization/10211514/story.html

Todd, Z. (2014). misâskwatômina. Invited piece for Chelsea Boos’ ‘Back Words’ column in Vue Weekly. August 7-13, 2014. 

Todd, Z. (2013). On Scottish Independence — a Metis Perspective.

Todd, Z. (2013). “Remembering Indigenous Edmonton: a journey through plants”. Spacing Edmonton.

Todd, Z. (2012). “Carry Me Home”, song featured in Indigenous City Media’s film short “Know your place: reflections of the indigenous city”.

Todd, Z. “Exploring Aboriginal Marks on Edmonton”. The Charrette, June 2011. (online publication).

Todd, Z. “Driving the Wrong Way with the Third Way”, The Catalyst, April 2006.

Todd, Z. “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Barrel of Cure: The social and environmental impact behind oil development in Alberta.” The Catalyst, September 2006.


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