Fish philosophers

Here are articles and materials on some of the ‘Fish Philosophers’ who inform my work:

My stepdad, Wayne Roberts, who worked variously on fish, herpetology, limnology in his work in Alberta:

Dr. Leroy Little Bear’s work deeply shapes my thinking. This talk that he delivered at the Congress of Humanities in Calgary in 2016 continues to provoke me to think more deeply about human-fish relations, time, and environment.

Andy and Millie Thrasher taught me about their fish lives and philosophy during my doctoral work in Paulatuuq, NWT, Canada. Their theory and philosophy deeply shapes my work, and helped me return to my fishing life in Alberta with a renewed focus on human-fish relations and Métis law as an important locus for change in my home province in Alberta. Here are some recent news articles that feature these two amazing thinkers + knowledge keepers: